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"Helpful Pieces of Information"

Winter 2018

Winter is difficult for all of us and this was true in the 18th century. Here are some of their methods of dealing with health problems.


Chopt Hands (to prevent.)

Wash them with Flour of Mustard.
Or in Bran and Water boiled together.
To cure, wash with soft Soap mixt with red sand: Tried.
Or, apply Oil of Myrrh.

Chopt Lips.

Apply a kuttke Sal Prunella.

A Cold.

Drink a Pint of cold Water lying down in Bed: Tried.
Or, a spoonful of Treacle in half a Pint of Water: Tried.
Or, to one Spoonful of Oatmeal, and one Spoonful of Honey, add a Piece of Butter, the Bigness of a Nutmeg: Pour on near a Pint of boiling Water; drink this lying down in Bed.

A Cold in the Head.

Pare very thin the yellow Rind of an Orange, roll it up inside out, and thrust a Roll into each Nostril.

A Convulsive Cough.

Eat preserv'd Walnuts.
Or, boil a Handful of Bay-leaves in Milk, turn [curdle] this with white Wine, and drink of the Whey very often.

Tickling Cough.

Drink Water whiten'd with Oatmeal four Times a Day.
Or, keep a Piece of Barley-Sugar or Sugar-candy constantly in the Mouth.

John Wesley, Primitive Physick:. . . 14th Ed. (Bristol: Printed by William Pine . . . 17770), pp 48, 49, 58, 60.